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Jocelyn Buckner


When Lewis Carroll wrote down Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland he never expected it to become a worldwide sensation. His work has gained a following as psychoanalysis has allowed people to dive deeper into Alice’s dream world. Many books and movies based on the Alice books have been released, such as Sucker Punch. On a seemingly unrelated topic, a company called Punchdrunk has created an immersive theatre piece known as Sleep No More in which the audience runs around a “hotel” following different actors and trying to unveil the story unfolding. Immersive Theatre allows for the audience to be swallowed up in the world the actors are creating. Another interesting facet of Immersive Theatre is the inability to see everything or ever experience the same thing as another audience member. Through the books the readers will get lost, have no clue what is up and what is down, and eventually find their way back with Alice, and the adventure always seems to be changing just as the experience while reading the book seems to change each time. I point out these similarities to show how well both an Immersive Theatre and Alice in Wonderland play together. The Alice books were meant to be experienced and I intend to bring them to a new level in which the audience is fully immersed in the. In this thesis, I will conceptualize an Immersive Theatre piece using the Alice books as well as other forms of Alice based media.


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.