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Community Presentations Using 3D Printed Anatomical Models on Knee Injury Prevention

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Spring 5-2019

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Caroline Wilson


Knee injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus tears are common, but can can be prevented if risk factors and prevention exercises are learned. In order to inform the public about knee injury prevention, a project was designed utilizing 3D printed knee models that show various injuries. In collaboration with Chapman’s Academic Service Learning coordinator, presentations were organized for local high school students to highlight best practices. This research project largely comprised of a literature review identifying the effectiveness of 3D models in teaching anatomy and details on the anatomy of ACL and meniscus tears, followed by the creation of the 3D models. While the presentations are scheduled to take place in April, 2019, they will include a Kahoot, an interactive online game, which will be used to test the prior knowledge of the audience. Next, a 3D knee model demonstration using rubber bands to simulate the ligaments of the knee, will be presented as a fun, interactive way to illustrate knee anatomy. An active component requiring the audience to participate in ACL-tear prevention exercises will also be included in hopes that they will incorporate the exercises into their own daily life. This work can be used for future studies which identify best practices in using 3D knee models to help teach anatomy and injury prevention.


Presented at the Spring 2019 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

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