Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

Document Type

Chapman access only poster or presentation

Publication Date

Fall 12-5-2018

Faculty Advisor(s)

Austin Lee, PhD


The current study examined how internal factors related to self-concept and insecurity influenced level of engagement and dependence on dating applications for dating in young adults. Low self-esteem has highly significant implications for virtually all areas of a person’s life, including a person’s experiences in regards to dating and relationships. Since dating applications have become very commonly used among young adults, we conducted a study on how a negative self-concept relates to dating application use. We hypothesize that individuals with negative self-concepts are more likely to engage in the use of dating applications and be more dependent on them for forming new relationships. In order to conduct this study we recruited Chapman students to participate in our survey through the university subject pool. We utilized the Rosenberg Scale and the Likert Scale to as measures for our findings. Increasing our understanding of this relationship will be beneficial to society because it will help prevent unhealthy dating behaviours in individuals and add to the body of data on the relatively new phenomenon that is dating applications for smartphones.


Presented at the Fall 2018 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

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