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Spring 5-10-2017

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Michael Fahy


This project uses geolocation services to track and locate the users current location and display the results in a list of the top ten sorted by shortest to longest distance from the user. The ratings of each location are displayed as well as the distance and several other details if the users so desires. In addition to the application providing distances from on location to another, it can display the time it will take the user to get to the desired location from their current location using the real time traffic portion of the Google Distance Matrix API. This project was built using Python and multiple APIs for easy applicable use in the command line interface.

The intended audience are those who do not have any prior coding experience or very little and want to use the command line interface. Another audience are those who do not have a fast computer or possibly an old computer and need to use the command line interface for Google Maps.


Presented at the Spring 2017 Student Research Day at Chapman University.

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