Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Spring 5-10-2017

Faculty Advisor(s)

Ann Gordon


I consider that understanding political ideology is of most importance but we must consciously understand the demographics behind it. I will be approaching this issue by looking at the set of demographics that range from gender, income, education, ethnicity, religion, and age. While observing if these demographics influence party identity, ideology, and strength of partisanship in these cases. The key issues that I am focusing on, how do certain demographics influence the party ideology that a person chooses? Utilizing cross-national level data from the 2012 ANES election study I will be analyzing multivariable, and frequencies to be able to assets if any correlations can be made by the variables. I regard this as extremely important into considering closing this deep divide between parties. I believe that the demographics will show a correlation, additionally, income will have little influence in regards to being able to make a connection between these factors. The results of the research will simply indicate that demographics will influence the party identity, ideology, and strength of partisanship. Furthermore, I evaluate and consider that support from previous findings will indicate that demographics variables do cause influence.


Presented at the Spring 2017 Student Research Day at Chapman University.