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Jocelyn Buckner


Somehow, though Chapman University is relatively small, there is a great deal of distance between each of its academic fields; the actors don't know what the music building looks like, the musicians have no idea what the dramatists are up to, and no one has any idea where the dance classes are held. But not only do the students of Chapman University's College of Performing Arts not know one another, they don't understand one another. More than once I have encountered a student with the same self-confidence issue as another. Without a doubt, performance majors have a lot to talk about. But who's initiating the conversation? In this thesis I will explore the benefits of community discussion, stress reduction, and communication among performing arts majors. Through the creation of Chapman University's first all COPA appreciation organization specifically designed for performance majors I will encourage discussion and listening amongst participants. Participants in this group will learn to see through one anothers eyes and form relationships with students from different majors and performing arts focuses. Taking advice from Chapman's Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS), my leadership professor Dr. Mark Maier, and literary resources on the art therapies I will create a short weekly meeting curriculum that covers the music, theatre, and dance fields of study in a therapuetic way. I hope to foster a nurturing environment for COPA students, one that, when the going gets ruff, they feel they can turn to for encouragement and guidance.


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.