Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Fall 12-7-2016

Faculty Advisor(s)

Jocelyn L. Buckner


Walt Disney Imagineering is the head design team behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Their experts and creators spearhead all projects, from shows and attractions to architecture and locations. Their groundbreaking work has put them at the forefront of the Themed Entertainment Industry. While they have become trendsetters in the world of entertainment, much of their foundation is still based in the world of theatre. Through this thesis, I will examine just how much of an influence theatre has had in the foundation of Walt Disney Imagineering. From simple verbiage to designs, theatre is present in many levels. I will be selecting several specific cases within the parks around the globe to go more in depth in my studies, particularly in the importance of a theatrical storyline.

By examining the importance of theatre and its influences on Imagineering, I will be able to assess how my own journey through theatre can help me in the future as I pursue a career in the field of Themed Entertainment. Many of the current and former Imagineers have had experience in the fields of theatre, and I hope that through my readings and interviews I will understand just how strongly based in theatre the design of the parks are. I will be able to relate the concepts, core, and ideas of theatre into the daily operations and ideals of Imagineering, and understand how their use of theatre helps them in their advancement and creation of new designs.


Presented at the Fall 2016 Student Research Day at Chapman University.