Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Jocelyn Buckner


As school budgets have plummeted, one of the extra curriculums that has suffered by losing funding has been the theatre department (wheeler 2007). The common core of education focuses on the four subjects of math, science, English, and history. The subjects are traditionally separated from each other with separate specialized teachers. However, several instructors try to utilize various methods in order to teach individual subjects more effectively. Even though the arts as a separate subject have slowly been cut from school programs around the nation, they have become an integral part of many teacher's curriculum to aid students in understanding difficult material. Upon further analysis, the many aspects of theater could be applicable to all of the common core standards. In this project, I plan to design a curriculum that uses aspects of the theater in order to teach all of the common core standards of English as well as math, science, and history. I shall describe specific lesson plans for each subject and their implementation in a classroom environment during a single semester of the school year. The aspects of theater utilized shall be technical theater, including but not limited to sound, costume, stage, and lighting design. Also included will be theater history, play readings of various time periods, dance, and acting styles. After a semester of study using this proposed curriculum, the students will present a final project using the skills learned in the program.


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.