Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Spring 5-14-2015

Faculty Advisor(s)

Andrea Molle


My research project studies the relationship between voter turnout and voter identification laws. This is a very controversial topic, with proponents for each side arguing that the change, or lack of change, would affect voter turnout in some way. Some states have implemented different forms of voter identification, and by comparing the state’s voter turnout before and after the new polices, the effects of voter identification laws become more apparent. Studies have been completed on this topic, however many are contradictory and do don't address specific changes but overall trends.

My independent variable is the status of voter identification laws in each state, being strict photo ID, strict non-photo ID, photo ID requested, non-photo required, and none required. The dependent variable is the voter turnout rate for each individual elect, which, should be affected by the identification requirements. My goal is to compare the voter turnout in different states before and after changes in identification requirements, either the tightening or loosening of control. Similar elections will be compared so voter turnout will not be altered due to more interest in presidential or senatorial elections.


Presented at the Spring 2015 Student Research Day at Chapman University.