Date of Award

Fall 10-14-2016

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computational and Data Sciences

First Advisor

Erik Linstead

Second Advisor

Michael Fahy

Third Advisor

Peiyi Zaho


Autism Spectrum Disorder makes it difficult to for a child communicate, have social interactions and go through daily life. Visual cues are often used to help a child associate an image with an event. With technology becoming more and more advanced, we now have a way to remind a child of an event with wearable technology, such as a watch. This new technology can help a child directly with the Visual Scheduling Application and various other applications. These applications allow children and their families to be easily able to keep track of the events on their schedule and notify them when an event occurs. With the Autism Management Platform and related website, a parent can easily create events to help a child throughout the day. The child can associate an image with events, allowing for a clearer understanding of what to do when an event occurs. Wearable technology has become a new way to interact with the user in a very unobtrusive manner. With this new technology, we can help associate a visual event to a child’s schedule and interrupt when needed to help make the child’s life easier on a daily basis.

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Creative Commons License
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