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Purpose: To identify cataract surgery candidates’ knowledge, beliefs, desires and emotions as they relate to cataract surgery generally as well as to their behavioral intent to adhere to a doctor-recommended pre-surgical ocular surface prep routine designed to improve refractive outcomes and prevent surgical complications.

Methods: This national, noninterventional, cross-sectional, mixed methods survey included 278 US adults ages 65 and older with no history of cataract surgery in either eye.

Results: Only 20% of participants said they want to have cataract surgery, and even fewer (8%) said they wish they could have cataract surgery right away. Fear was the predominant emotion in one out of every three respondents and was correlated with intention to delay having cataract surgery for as long as possible (r = 0.44). Fewer than 2% of participants said their doctors recommended home-health strategies to combat the risks of ocular surface disease preoperatively. However, most say they would use a pre-surgical prep kit if their doctor gave them one (87%), asked them to buy one (83%), or directed them to obtain one online (71%).

Conclusion: These findings negate the popular assumption that patients are in a hurry to have their cataract surgery right away and, therefore, may resist physician recommendations to address ocular surface disease pre-operatively.


This article was originally published in Clinical Ophthalmology, volume 16, in 2022.


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