Strategic Consensus in India vis-a-vis USA: A Comparative Study

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Rapid growth in emerging world markets underscores the need to understand and compare manufacturing practices, capabilities, and priorities of such countries with those of the developed nations, such as the United States of America (USA). Studies of manufacturing strategy in emerging economies are relatively scarce, however, despite having a majority of the world’s population and an ever-increasing flow of foreign direct investment. This study first builds and tests hypotheses regarding the comparative competitive priorities of senior executives in India, a rapidly developing economy, vis-à-vis USA, a well-established economy. Next, hypotheses regarding relative strategic consensus due to prevailing culture—power distance and collectivism/individualism—are developed and tested. As expected, there are differences in perceived competitive priorities and strategic consensus due to country specific factors, such as the national culture.


This article was originally published in International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics, volume 5, issue 5, in 2016.

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International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics (IJAME)