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This special issue focuses on refugees’ experiences and displaced people across a diverse set of ethnicities and circumstances. The growing number of refugees and displaced people and the work and life difficulties they face are central social issues in the world today. This special issue will explore how refugees and displaced people in Brazil can be fully integrated, socialized, engaged, embraced, and affirmed into the workplace and society. Research is presented on the experiences of refugees and displaced people, a growing but under-researched segment of the world’s population. Little is known about refugees’ career experiences and displaced people and how organizations, leaders, and policymakers can assist them in finding work, maintaining employment, and creating positive life outcomes. There are 12 articles included in this special issue. They focus on three areas of refugees in the workplace. The first area explores biases in the perceptions of refugees based on factors such as skin complexion, countries of origin, and race. The second area presents research that elaborates on the theme of displacement of refugees and barriers to integration, inclusion, social recognition, and belonging. The third area examines ways in which refugees have been integrated and acculturated into Brazilian society, often through the assistance of NGOs or through the efforts of managers in the workplace. It is our hope that the research presented in this special issue will increase interest in this important topic and lead to additional future research related to reducing barriers to integration and acculturation that refugees and displaced people face.


This editorial was originally published in Cadernos EBAPE.BR, volume 19, issue 2, in 2021.

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