Every spring since 1999, Fowler School of Law's Chapman Law Review has hosted its annual Law Review Symposium. Topics are selected to challenge participants to confront pressing legal issues from a variety of perspectives. Panelists have included distinguished scholars, judges and practitioners.

2017 Symposium

Keynote Speaker: United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

The Honorable Samuel A. Alito, Jr. will present the keynote speech at the annual Chapman Law Review Symposium.

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The Future of the Legal Profession

Friday, February 10, 2017
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Kennedy Hall, Room 237

Presented by the Chapman Law Review
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The future of the legal profession in the United States is at a crossroads. Although the field of law has rebounded from the economic turmoil that began in 2008, the nature of legal work has evolved both from necessity and from innovation. The use of alternative fee arrangements, multijurisdictional practice, the expanding role of paralegals, and efforts by nonlawyers to invest in law firms, all signal change in the profession. We add to that mix, legal vendors such as LegalZoom, Avvo and RocketLawyer who have disrupted the industry and changed client expectations, while increasing the risk of the unauthorized practice of law. Bar associations, academia, and practitioners across the country are examining what the future holds for the practice of law in the United States. What is the role of the unauthorized practice of law in a multijurisdictional world? Will technology make lawyers more productive, or displace them in electronic discovery? Can the legal profession find new ways to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace?

The Chapman Law Review will explore these and other questions at our next symposium at the Dale E. Fowler School of Law, Chapman University, Orange, California.


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