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U.S.A., U.S., Soldiers, infantry, artillery, France, Western, Front, military, occupation, racial, stereotyping, Chicago, comradery, Picardy, Molliens-au-Bois, Hamel, Croix, de, Guerre, Somme, Meuse, Moselle, Chateau-Thierry, Verdun, Bois, de, Forges, Metz, Lorraine, death, King, George, V, King, Albert, I, of, Belgium, Colonel, Henry, A., Allen, General, J., Franklin, Bell, Colonel, William, C., Gardenshire, Field, Marshal, Sir, Douglas, Haig, John, J., Pershing, awards, Illinois, Australian, soldiers, soldier, slang, Germans, dug, out, patriotism, prisoners, government, Luxembourg

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William Lewis Judy. March 14, 1919. United States. Regimental histories U.S.A. 33rd Infantry Division; United States. Regimental histories U.S.A. 144th Field Artillery; Army American Expeditionary Forces; War and society -- History -- 20th century United States; American History 20th century; World war 1914 1918 United States. Navy; Regimental histories U.S.A. 124th Machine Gun Battalion; Regimental histories U.S.A. 131st Infantry; World war 1914 1918 Prisoners and prisons, German; Prisoner of war France; Great Britain Army


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Wesley F. Diedrich First World War Correspondence #68



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