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"Lynn Nottage has devoted her career to researching and telling stories of Black individuals and communities with expressed interest in laborers, advocating for their agency, humanity, and legacy. In her second Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Sweat, Nottage dramatizes more recent US history, illuminating the lives of workers marginalized by the deindustrialization of the Rust Belt in the early 2000s. Sweat is emblematic of Nottage's sustained effort to deploy playwriting as activism and stand in solidarity with those whose stories she chooses to tell. As a constant theme in her works, Lynn Nottage's stories align with marginalized workers' efforts and histories, connecting the pride of the factory employees in Sweat with the dignity of Mama Nadi in Ruined, the resourcefulness of the women and men in Intimate Apparel, the resilience and tenacity of Undine Barnes in Fabulation, and the determination of the titular character in By the Way, Meet Vera Stark. These fellow laborers all demonstrate an intent to survive amid dire circumstances and diminishing resources. Sweat is another act of rebellion designed to advocate for workers' lives and meet changemakers on their own turf, advocating for a compassionate conversation about and action to alleviate the human cost of the economic policies of the past quarter-century."



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Methuen Drama/Bloomsbury


New York, NY


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In Deron S. Williams, Khalid Y. Long, and Martine Kei Green-Rogers (Eds.), Contemporary Black Theatre and Performance: Acts of Rebellion, Activism, and Solidarity.


Methuen Drama/Bloomsbury

<em>Sweat</em> Equity: Lynn Nottage's Radical Dialectic of Deindustrialization