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"In Strange Duets: Impresarios and Actresses in the American Theatre, 1865-1914, Kim Marra invites readers into the tumultuous world of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century theatre through an examination of the on-and-off stage relationships between leading ladies and the men who claimed to have fashioned their success. The text is a pièce de résistance of intersectional historical scholarship, analyzing the ways race, class, gender, and sexuality both influenced and were influenced by the relationships forged between men and women of the theatre during the wax and wane of Victorian sentiment, the emergence of Darwinian theories on evolution, and the rise of the New Woman. The book treats three iconic and enduring impresario-actress relationships that reflect the social tensions and changes in theatre of the period."


This article was originally published in American Studies, volume 50, issue 1, in 2009. DOI: 10.1353/ams.2011.0102

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