Basics of Functional Analysis with Bicomplex Scalars, and Bicomplex Schur Analysis

D. Alpay, Ben Gurion Univ Negev
M. E. Luna-Elizarrarás, Inst Politecn Nacl, Escuela Super Fis & Matemat
M. Shapiro, Inst Politecn Nacl
Daniele C. Struppa, Chapman University

This is the pre-print of an article that will be published at a later date. This version has not yet undergone peer review and may differ from the final, published version.


With the goal of providing the foundations for a rigorous study of modules of bicomplex holomorphic functions, we develop a general theory of functional analysis with bicomplex scalars. Even though the basic properties of bicomplex number are well known and widely available, our analysis requires some more delicate discussion of the various structures which are hidden in the ring of bicomplex numbers. We study in particular matrices with bicomplex numbers, bicomplex modules, and inner products and norms in bicomplex modules. We consider two kinds of norms on bicomplex modules: a real-valued norm (as one would expect), and a hyperbolic-valued norm. Interestingly enough, while both norms can be used to build the theory of normed bicomplex modules, the hyperbolic-valued norm appears to be much better compatible with the structure of bicomplex modules. We also consider linear functionals on bicomplex numbers. To conclude we describe a bicomplex version of classical Schur analysis