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"The residency accreditation process can be a stress-inducing experience to many program directors. In 2014, the postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) pharmacy residency accreditation standards were updated from the previous 2005 version. The new standards were formulated to streamline program requirements with the intention of creating a more transparent accreditation process.1 The American Society of Health- System Pharmacists (ASHP) is the accrediting body for PGY1 residencies, PGY1 community pharmacy residencies, PGY1 residencies in managed care pharmacy, and PGY2 pharmacy residency programs in advanced practice areas. ASHP provides many resources to help programs to prepare for and navigate through the accreditation process [ Residency-Program-Directors]. Additionally, new Guidance Documents have been created for the PGY1 residency standards as well as the new competency areas, goals and objectives.2,3 The guidance documents aim to clarify the expectations of each standard and the manner in which it will be surveyed. However, during site visits and feedback from program directors, some common areas of the standards continue to be challenging for programs.

Recently, ASHP released their bi-annual Communique’ newsletter for Spring 2016 [ directors/communique-newsletter].3 The Communique’ highlights common standards that are cited during accreditation visits. We will review some of these commonly cited standards as well as others that are often noted during site visits as being challenging to programs and provide some tips on how to navigate them."


This article was originally published in California Journal of Health-System Pharmacy in 2016.


California Society of Health-System Pharmacists



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