Turning the Paradigm Upside Down: Postdocs as Principal Investigators’ Mentors

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The mentor-mentee relationship, analogous to that between a postdoc and a principal investigator (PI), is looked at from a personal standpoint in this discourse. The readers are invited to think of the benefits of a more active role of mentees that arises from turning the relationship between mentors and mentees upside down and seeing the mentees as responsible for mentoring their mentors. Whether this is all a fancifully inverted standpoint or the real state of affairs, the author knows not. Be that as it may, it is concluded that one does not necessarily need to adopt a powerful authoritative position to exert influence that changes the given systems for better. Some of the essential traits of excellent mentors in the modern age are also compiled as guiding lights of a kind.


This article was originally published in Post Doc Journal, volume 1, issue 2, in 2011.


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