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Thursday, February 25th

California's Local Elections

Joe Mathews, California and Innovation Editor, Zocalo Public Square

Civic Engagement: Contrasting Input and Participation

Rick Cole, City Manager of the City of Santa Monica, California

Connecting Community by Advocacy and Design

Mia Lehrer, Urbanist, Mia Lehrer and Associates

Democratic Innovations and Local Governance: An International Perspective

Daniel Schugurensky, Head of Arizona State University’s (Argentina) Participatory Governance Initiative

Kindness Initiative

Tom Tait, Mayor of Anaheim

Los Angeles County: A Global Metropolis with a Rancho-Era Governing Body

Peter Hong, Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives at California State University, Los Angeles

Making Cities and Counties Work in the 21st Century

William Fulton, Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University

Metropolitan Governance Reform

Myron Orfield, Director of the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity at the University of Minnesota
Baris Dawes

Next Stop City Hall: Towards a World League of Participatory Cities and Regions

Bruno Kaufman, people2power.info

People with Disabilities, Public Spaces, and Democracy

Art Blaser, Chapman University

Rethinking the Systems of Public Engagement

Matt Leighninger, Vice President for Public Engagement, and Director of the Yankelovich Center for Public Judgment, at Public Agenda

Streetfilms As a Public Resource on Public Space

Clarence Eckerson Jr., Director of Streetfilms

Vienna 2025 - Growing Through More Sustainability, More Open-Mindedness and Participation

Maria Vassilakou, Deputy Mayor of Vienna, Austria

Voteria and Democratic Engagement Strategies

Antonio Gonzalez, President of the William C. Velasquez Institute

Why Cities Need Strategic Plans by Former Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams

Sam Adams, Former Mayor of Portland, Oregon and Director of the World Resources Institute U.S. Climate Initiative