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How much does the time elapsed between instruction sessions affect retention of music information literacy concepts? This poster will demonstrate the two methods of delivering the Music Information Literacy course at Chapman University and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of each model. Starting in 2014, music students have been required to take four courses in Music Information Literacy which were delivered in 90-minute sessions over the course of four academic years. The Performing Arts Librarian, who has taught the course since its inception, noticed a lack of retention from some students and hypothesized that the timespan of delivery was a key factor. Additionally, there were significant logistical challenges that could be overcome by changing the way the classes are scheduled. Beginning in fall 2017, this class requirement changed to condense the course into one semester, but with the content being covered in six one-hour sessions. This comparison will offer insight into students’ learning behaviors of music information literacy concepts and will help other music librarians to shape similar courses.


This poster was presented at the 2018 Music Library Association conference in Portland, OR.



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