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Today’s libraries are more than the number of circulated items or number of patrons who step in to the library. Integrated Library Systems nowadays are partnered with libraries to better facilitate data delivery which are always valuable not only for content delivery to patrons but also for large scale assessments and administrative decision making. Every year libraries are adding thousands of books to their collections and technical services staff are working diligently to make them accessible to patrons as quickly as possible while keeping up with competing duties and other cataloging priorities.

Our library’s cataloging department investigated the available coding fields in its ILS that could maximize data collection and data refinement. In a sense, this project was helpful in discoverability of items not only for patrons but also for the library staff/technical services by providing evidence based assessments and continuous operation improvement.

This is a story of collaboration among different library departments to take advantage of the features and functionalities of their existing Integrated Library System, to enliven inter and intra-departmental workflow and to broaden the perspective of the library staff in utilizing the available tools beyond their past practices. We believe this workflow and the revitalization of ILS coding system not only enhances user accessibility but also increases the efficiency of the ILS and its coding system for a more data driven assessments to enhance best practices in library technologies.


Presented at the Evolving Library Symposium, 97th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science-Pacific Division, 14-17 June, 2016, University of San Diego, San Diego, California.



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