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The contemporary world, and especially American society, faces many substantial problems such as global warming, poverty and hunger, obesity and other health issues, and a general lack of compassion for those who are different. In general, politicians, scientists, and other experts attempt to solve these problems in a very reactive rather than preventative way. Rather than encouraging Americans to eat a plant based diet in order to be healthy, medical professionals research surgical and medical techniques to fight Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease; instead of preventing world hunger by promoting a plant-­‐based diet, privileged people are told to donate money to charity. Veganism has been proven to be a healthy, sustainable diet as well as a potential cure for world hunger and climate change. This research examines why individuals should take control of their lives and the planet by making this simple lifestyle change. This research specifically asks the question how can a vegan lifestyle help prevent and solve many of the world’s contemporary issues? Why are people so reluctant to make this lifestyle change? This poster examines the various positive effects of veganism from an economic, environmental, medical, and ethical perspective.


Presented at the Western Regional Honors Council conference in Ashland, OR, in April 2017.