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May 6, 2017, Winds and Brass Chamber Music (AUDIO and VIDEO)

Document Type

Audio and Video

Performance Date

Spring 5-6-2017


01 Canzona per Sonare No 3 composer: Giovanni Gabrieli

02 Rialto Ripples composer: George Gershwin

03 Drei Equale composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven

04 Frost Fire composer: Eric Ewazen

05 Infinite Ascent composer: Eric Morales

06 Scherzo composer: John Cheetham

07 Bucolique Variée composer: Paul Pierné

08 Trois Pièces pour une musique de nuit composer: Eugène Bozza 08a I Andantino 08b II Allegro vivo 08c III Moderato

09 Quintet, ops 43; III Praeludium composer: Carl Nielsen 09a Tema Un poco andantino 09b Var I 09c Var II Un Poco di piu 09d Var III Meno mosso 09e Var IV Piu vivo 09f Var V Tempo giusto 09g Var VI Andantino con moto 09h Var VII Un poco di piu 09i Var VIII poco meno 09j Var IX Tempo giusto 09k Var X Allegretto 09l Var XI Tempo di marcia 09m Andantino festivo 09n Unlisted

10 Mountain Roads: Overture composer: David Maslanka

11 Rodeo Sax composer: Jean-Michel Maury

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