November 4, 2017, Mary Palchak (AUDIO and VIDEO)

Document Type

Audio and Video

Performance Date

Fall 11-4-2017


01 Introduction and Variations on a Theme composer: Franz Schubert
01a Introduction
01b Theme Trockne Blumen
01c Var. I
01d Var. II
01e Var. III
01f Var. IV
01g Var. V
01h Var. VII

02 Trio (1958) composer: Nino Rota
02a Allegro ma non troppo
02b Adante sostenuto
02c Allegro vivace con spirito

03 Fantasie op. 79 composer: Gabriel Fauré


04 Sonata Undine op. 167 composer: Carl Reinecke
04a Allegro
04b Intermezzo, allegretto vivace
04c Andante tranquillo
04d Finale, allegro molto

05 Sonata (1992) composer: Carl Vine
05a Fast
05b Slow
05c Very Fast

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