March 8, 2017 MTAC Exiled Dreams (AUDIO and VIDEO)

Document Type

Audio and Video

Performance Date

Spring 3-8-2017


01 Introduction

02 Berlin im Licht composer: Kurt Weill

03 The Thorn in Your Side (talking); Falling in Love again composer: Friedrich Hollaender

04 Intro to Dietrich (talking)

05 The Boys in the Backroom composer: Friederich Hollaender

06 "Lunchtime Follies" (talking)

07 Buddy on the Nightshift composer: Kurt Weill

08 Wally German (talking)

09 You and the Waltz and I composer: Walter Jurmann

10 Intro to San Francisco (talking)

11 San Francisco (with audience) composer: Walter Jurmann

12 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm composer: Walter Jurmann

13 Intro to Max Steiner/As time goes by

14 Wolfy/Theme from Robin Hood

15 "High Noon"/Do not forget me oh my darling

16 Outro

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