Real-Life Tragedy Hits Home at High School : 'Good Night Sweet Prince.' A Santa Ana English Teacher and Classmates Mourn Death of 'Our Jose' in a Mistaken Shooting

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'On Friday, Feb. 26, at 7:45 a.m., Jose Luis Lopez was gunned down on the way to Century High School in Santa Ana. He was my student. He is dead, and my heart feels broken as the violence I read about hits home with a sadness I can't describe...

We are the ones who create such violence. We have forgotten our children, allowing them to go to school in crowded classrooms where their self-esteem never materializes. Then we blame them when they search for acceptance in other arenas.

Yes, "they" killed my student. But I am one of the "they." We cannot let another day go by that justifies economic and social policies that forget children and immigrants and human beings in need. The "they" is definitely "us.''


Los Angeles Times