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"In this inaugural Teacher-to-Teacher column, three classroom teachers discuss how they approach failure to normalize it and help students work toward problem solving rather than answer getting in their own classrooms. Missy Springsteen-Haupt explains how sharing her own authentic writing failures helps students see the natural emotional connection to their writing as normal and also to prove to them, as Shirley Rose notes, that 'all writers always have more to learn about writing' (59). Framing student writing in terms of growth mindsets, Stacy Stosich discusses a practical strategy for allowing for ugly drafts and redefining success and failure. Finally, Nora K. Rivera delineates a system of peer review and weekly sentence work designed to allow for experimentation without penalty; her methods not only pushed students to carefully evaluate their own and others’ work, but also resulted in a reduced grading load and student success in district testing."


This article was originally published in Journal of Teaching Writing, volume 33, issue 2, in 2018.

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