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"One skill that is integral to instruction centered around students’ thinking is attending to, interpreting, and responding to students’ thinking, a cluster of skills referred to as noticing (Luna & Sherin, 2017; Mason, 2002; Stroupe, 2014; Thompson et al., 2016). Video clubs, in which groups of teachers meet to analyze recordings of classroom practice, have been shown to be effective in supporting teachers in developing noticing of students’ ideas and adopting an interpretive lens to make sense of students’ ideas (Johnson & Mawyer, 2019; Luna & Sherin, 2017). However, simply gathering teachers together to analyze videos of teaching is not sufficient for changing either noticing or instruction (Blomberg et al., 2014). Video clubs must intentionally utilize tools, tasks, and talk to promote changes in teachers’ noticing of student thinking (van Es & Sherin, 2006). This chapter describes the design of one such video club of secondary science teachers and examines how different artifacts of practice, tasks to frame the participants’ attention on students’ thinking, tools generated from those framing activities, and facilitation moves coordinated to promote an inquiry stance into science teaching practice."



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Examining an Activity System of Learners, Tools, and Tasks in a Video Club