After Endrew: Progress Monitoring Methods for Supporting IEP Teams

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The 2017 Supreme Court ruling in Endrew vs. Douglas County charged educators to provide evidence toward the attainment of Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals beyond de minimus educational benefit. The purpose of this article is to present two methods that may be useful for supporting IEP teams in evaluating progress toward the attainment of IEP goals. We present trend analysis and goal attainment scaling as single-case outcome methods for evaluating progress toward attaining IEP objectives and determining benefits from instruction. Each method is described along with its respective strengths and limitations, followed by examples of the methods for evaluating IEP goals. Implications for school psychology practice and implementation to support special educators and IEP teams toward evaluating educational benefits in school-based settings are discussed.


This article was originally published in Contemporary School Psychology in 2021. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40688-021-00389-y

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