Elmo Culbert First World War Correspondence Collection


Elmo S. Culbert



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U.S.A., U.S. Postal Service, Stamp, Washington, George, President Washington, Salt Lake City, Soldiers, Homesickness, Military Equipment, Marching and Drill, Morale, Training, Romance, Cold Weather, Funds, Food, Wife, Self-Determination, Rules and Regulations, Bayonet, Taps, Camaraderie, Discipline and Punishment, Discontent, Economy, Gifts from home, Thoughts on the Enemy, Y.M.C.A., Inspection, William, Crown Prince of Germany and Prussia, Kaiser William II, assembly whistle, humour, Women at Home

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Elmo S. Culbert; World War 1914 1918; United States-- History--20th Century. United States Army American Expeditionary Forces; October 30 1918; Camp Pike (Ark.); World war 1914 1918 Regimental histories United States; World War 1914 1918 United States Military weapons Technological innovations; World War 1914 1918 United States. Army--Barracks and quarters;



Elmo Culbert First World War Correspondence #07



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