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Empirical cross-hazard analysis and prediction of disaster vulnerability, resilience, and risk requires a common metric of hazard strengths across hazard types. In this paper, the authors propose an equivalent intensity scale for cross-hazard evaluation of hazard strengths of events for entire durations at locations. The proposed scale is called the Murphy Scale, after Professor Colleen Murphy. A systematic review and typology of hazard strength metrics is presented to facilitate the delineation of the defining dimensions of the proposed scale. An empirical methodology is introduced to derive equivalent intensities of hazard events on a Murphy Scale. Using historical data on impacts and hazard strength indicators of events from 2013 to 2017, the authors demonstrate the utility of the proposed methodology for computing the equivalent intensities for earthquakes and tropical cyclones. As part of a new area of research called hazard equivalency, the proposed Murphy Scale paves the way toward creating multi-hazard hazard maps. The proposed scale can also be leveraged to facilitate hazard communication regarding past and future local experiences of hazard events for enhancing multi-hazard preparedness, mitigation, and emergency response.


This article was originally published in Risk Analysis in 2022.


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