e-Research: A Journal of Undergraduate Work


Aaron Schwartz


The relation between food and music is strong and readily apparent in the cultural traditions of India. The importance of the relation goes so far that relevance falls on what song the chef listens to while they prepare a meal, and what is being played while the meal is eaten. The musical pitch is intricately connected to the taste of the food, with bitter flavor represented by lower pitch and sweeter flavor represented by higher pitch. People will report experiencing different sensations upon reacting to identical food products, based on the music that accompanies that meal. The effect of this correlation is a more complete and enhanced dining or concert experience, as the two are rarely separated in Indian culture. This paper explores the auditory and gustatory South Indian traditions, expanding on Dr. Adrian McNeil's auditory/gustatory hypothesis in North Indian traditions, to observe the possibility of a subconscious influence, encouraging a complimentary factor in South Indian music and culinary arts.



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