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The California Supreme Court made a landmark decision with the court case In re Marriage Cases (2008), legalizing same sex marriage within the state, and overturning the California Defense of Marriage Act (Proposition 22). With a swift decision the supreme court put the controversial issue of same sex marriage back in the media spot light. Outside of California, states such as Arizona also reopened the debate of same sex marriage. The Arizona legislature put this issue up for a vote in the Fall 2008 election. The Arizona ballot measure, Proposition 102, wanted to define marriage between one man and one woman, and prevent gay marriage from being legal in the state of Arizona. The New York Times reported in October 2008 that Arizona wanted to stop politicans and judges from overturning the same sex marriage bans which happened in California and Massachusetts (McKinley2008). In 2008, with the issue in the media spolt light once again, same sex marriage became an important issue for the election.



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