James B. Safford Civil War Correspondence Collection


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July, 1864, U.S.A., U.S. Soldiers, correspondence, postal service, family, father, son, health and sickness, illness, anxiety, Forrest, General Nathan Bedford, Pulaski, Tenn., front line, tactics, strategy, line of battle, enemy, thoughts on the enemy, marching and drill, training, weather, hot weather, Columbus, Ind., health and sickness, illness, medical treatment, medical personnel, medicine, brother, money, gambling, military leaders, rank

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James Broderick Safford; July 21, 1864; American Civil War 1861 - 1865. Regimental histories; American Civil War 1861 - 1865. Personal Narratives; American Civil War 1861 - 1865. War Work -- Clerical; American Civil War 1861 -- 1865. Medical Care


This collection contains letters written by James Broderick Safford (1842-1930) to his father James M. Safford, during the American Civil War. This collection also contains newspaper articles, photographs, and ephemera relating to his life and death. Safford enlisted in 1862, into the 54th Indiana Infantry regiment and was made Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant. After completing his first tour of duty, Safford re-enlisted in 1863 into the 10th Indiana Cavalry as a private. Safford was promoted to Sergeant Major and after the battle of Nashville, he was made Adjunct to the Regiment. He was mustered out of the service in August 1865, after being promoted to the rank of Captain.





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